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Canadian Stocks Could Outperform U.S. Stocks in 2024

Canadian Stock

While most investors probably look to the major U.S. exchanges for the biggest annual gains, the TSX could still outpace U.S. stocks in 2024. However, that wasn’t what most analysts were expecting. After all, the S&P 500 rallied an impressive 22% in 2023 compared to the 5.8% growth on the TSX. That was then. It’s […]

Canada 2024: A Technical Recession, Rate Cuts, and the TSX


A lot can change in a year. In January 2023, Canada’s inflation rate stood at 5.9%, the Bank of Canada increased its overnight lending rate to 4.25%, and the TSX closed out 2022 down 1.25%. Fast forward to January 2024, and the inflation rate is down, but still too high at 3.1%, the overnight lending […]

The S&P 500 Could Hit a Record High in 2024, But the TSX Could Disappoint

How Will the TSX and S&P 500 Do in 2024?

This year was supposed to be a mixed one for stocks, with rising interest rates, stubbornly high inflation, and lower commodity prices expected to be headwinds for Canadian and U.S. stocks. But it hasn’t turned out that way. In spite of economic uncertainty, the S&P 500 is up 17.5% year-to-date, the NASDAQ has rallied an […]

Where Should Investors Turn if Canada Enters a Recession?

How Should Canadians Invest During a Recession

With many economists and analysts still predicting Canada will enter a recession in 2024, investors may be wondering what they should do? Capitulate, wait on the sidelines, or get involved? What Are the Odds of a Soft-Landing Recession? First things first, the long-promised recession has not yet materialized but most believe it will. The Bank […]

September Is Living Up to Its Reputation as the Worst Month for Investing

Stocks Are Taking a Cue from The September Effect

For the most parts, stocks have been having a pretty solid year with the S&P 500 climbing 17.4% from January through August and the TSX up 4.68% over the same period. These gains come despite stubbornly high inflation, high interest rates, and ongoing fears about a recession. Even the Cboe Volatility Index (VIX), which is […]