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Where Should Investors Turn if Canada Enters a Recession?

How Should Canadians Invest During a Recession

With many economists and analysts still predicting Canada will enter a recession in 2024, investors may be wondering what they should do? Capitulate, wait on the sidelines, or get involved? What Are the Odds of a Soft-Landing Recession? First things first, the long-promised recession has not yet materialized but most believe it will. The Bank […]

Is Canada Still Heading for a Recession?

Is Canada Still Heading for a Recession?

Economists have been predicting a recession in Canada and the U.S. for months now. Despite decades-high inflation and an unprecedented interest rate hike policy, a recession has yet to materialize. If anything, the Canadian economy has proven to been more resilient than many expected. But cracks are beginning to appear. Economic growth is slowing, jobs […]