What knowledge of the markets do I need to start trading?

In-depth knowledge of stocks, options, futures and FOREX markets, is not essential. Our course teaches methods of technical analysis, which involves the charting and interpretation of price data independent of fundamental considerations.

No… Our goal is to help you learn to read (iechart) and analyze the price action so that ultimately you can develop your own trading methods and apply them to the patterns and trends identified by you in the data. Our view is that you will never really be able to implement a trading system or method until you know how to read and analyze the data.

Although we recommend starting capital of at least $10,000 ($U.S.), you can get started with as little as $2,000 ($U.S.). Keeping in mind that you will need to confidently withstand a learning curve. The funds used should be risk capital.

Traders come from all walks of life. The most important traits of a successful trader are flexibility, consistency, patience, discipline and self-control.

Computer literacy has nothing to do with successful trading. You will only need to know how to use the right trading software and this will be taught to you in our course.

Using the right software and a sound risk management strategy, you can limit your financial risk in any trade to a pre-determined amount, which is comfortable for you. We will teach you how to place”stop loss” orders so you exit trades at the appropriate time. You will need to risk money in this business and you will occasionally lose money. However, if you follow the risk management techniques taught by us, you may limit your financial risk and keep your losses to clearly defined amounts.

Yes, we can provide you with all the equipment and services you will need to trade from your own office or home, including data feed and software.

You can trade part-time from the comfort of your own home or office using the internet effectively.