Whether you’ve never traded or have some experience, the Learn-to-Trade course will reveal and make clear, all of the intricacies of successful trading.

The Learn-to-Trade course will give you an extensive knowledge in:

  • Stock Trading
  • Stock Index Trading
  • Futures Option Trading
  • Capital Preservation
  • Stock Option Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • Risk management
  • FOREX Trading

Our ongoing support:

  • Simulated trading at no risk.
  • Real-time market access using the powerful software professionals use.
  • Interaction with other traders, we’re in this together.
  • Charting software, we’ll teach you how to use it.
  • A bi-weekly course review, so you can deepen your learning. Come back as often as you like.

Stock trading and stock investing courses in Toronto from Learn-To-Trade.com instruct members about the financial markets and teach proven, advanced technical analysis skills. The Learn-to-Trade course is an easy and pleasant learning process. We begin by giving you the knowledge to succeed using proven technical analysis techniques, which can be applied to any financial market.

For detailed info on course fees and materials Attend our FREE two hour Learn-to-Trade workshops.

Training begins with a three day course at Humber College. Paced so you have time to understand each point before moving on, there is always time for questions. In the weeks following, a series of short evening lectures are presented at our office.

With the learning gained, you’ll be able to:

  • Trade in falling as well as rising markets
  • Identify trends as they emerg.
  • Learn channel trading in stagnant markets
  • Identify patterns that may let you know what’s coming
  • Apply support and resistance analysis to make educated decisions
  • Use risk management techniques to preserve your capital

And what’s more, you’ll learn:

  • Trade management to keep on top of your investments.
  • Order placement plus entry & exit techniques.
  • The importance of establishing targets.
  • Maximizing trade techniques
  • The psychology of trading, know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.
  • The use of indicators.
  • The magic of Fibonacci retracement levels.
  • 15 limited risk exposure, stock option strategies: protective strategies; speculative strategies; and strategies that aim to generate consistent income.

We don’t just shake your hand at the end of the course and wave goodbye, we invite you to be a member of our exclusive circle of traders. Your included ongoing membership will help you apply your knowledge effectively while sharing information with other traders just like you. Monthly round table discussions will allow you to pick up useful, and potential trading leads from your fellow traders.

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