I don’t know from where to start….neither I have words nor the calibre to review you and your team on google reviews….so here’s my effort to express in my own vocabulary , intelligence and my emotions about the whole experience.
There is some exceptionally Super Powerful Divine power up there which knows when to give a person what he/she wants. As Confucius says…..”Whenever a student is ready….A teacher appears”. 
I am amazed with your level of solid grasp and understanding of the subject. You are truly a skillful Master of the Game and the team you have created is indeed commendable. Every time I needed some help from you and Tundi ….it would be addressed promptly.
Now about the course……The 2+1/2 days were power punch of knowledge….just exactly what is needed. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every aspect of every session. Now with beginners level of understanding….my brain freezes when I notice on the charts using the knowledge you shared ….weather its tradeable or wait for the trade.
You are a gifted teacher…and a humble man….and if you can make me understand….then everybody can understand. YOU ARE TRULY A GURU OF THE GAME. What You have taught us….can make us good traders……BUT I SUM IT UP AS YOU CREATE MILLIONARES. You provide the direction. Rest depends upon students own hunger and zest. As you said…it’s just the beginning…..and I am thrilled to be the part of LTT community.
I simply thank you George and Tundi for giving me hope and direction that monetary dreams are achievable. I really want to achieve them. And I sincerely hope that legacy of Learn-to-Trade institution should reach each and every genuine person who wants to earn respectable income with skill and talent.
I thank you once again as I don’t know what else to say.
God Bless Us all.


- Rohit V

“The team at Learn-to-Trade is friendly and knowledgeable and provide unconditional support whenever I need help.

I Would highly recommend Learn-to-Trade to anyone who is looking to gain the knowledge required to trade or invest with confidence.”

-Sisay Tegegne

“After your explanation I started to experience with debit spreads instead of selling naked puts. Quite a bit more profit! Also now that I purchased and listened to your newest option week to refresh my knowledge, I can’t believe how much more I understand options. You are a great teacher.”


“Mike and I would like to thank you and Tundi again for a great course. I am so happy that we decided to join. You’re training seminar was far better than either one of us could have imagined. We look forward to life long learning with you guys.”

- Janice B.

“I wish you much success in the 20th celebration and I congratulate George, you and the team on the successful LTT venture. I was not there right from the start, but I believe I’ve seen the unwavering commitment and the assistance that you offer the members as you have evolved these past 13 years. I, among many others really appreciated the support given to all your groups and I personally thank you for providing the members your support for the many years.”

- Ciro P.

“It was another example of excellent presentation. George is able to establish good rapport with audience and he is very open to understand participants’ interests and needs. The questions were answered in complete manner and details were clarified. The level of satisfaction is five stars!”

- Nikolay P.

“I want to take the time and tell you that the seminar this past Saturday was fantastic. You are a true mentor and a great teacher. Your patience, commitment and dedication to the Learn -To -Trade.com family of members has not  shown any slow down since I joined 10 years ago.”

- Domenic S.

“What a pleasure to express my observations, experience with, and knowledge of Mr. George, I am a mature individual, hold advanced degrees in Digital Electronics Engineering, and am professionally employed as a System analyst. More pertinent, I resumed Stock options and Futures trading study after a lapse of a few years—and after much research discovered Mr. George of Learn-to-trade.

Mr. George is an excellent teacher with highly professional performing skills, comprehensive knowledge of Stock , Forex and Futures Trading, and a wonderful personality. He has the rare ability to inspire students. And am I glad I did. My description of his abilities and skills begins first of all with his solid trading knowledge, his own superb competency as a professional trader, and his obvious delight in teaching. He has a huge amount of personal talent and a vast accumulation of trading knowledge; but equally important is his capacity for coaching. I know first hand how well he directs, instructs, inspires, and motivates a student.

“This place has changed me as a professional trader. I would highly recommended this to everyone.”

- Dilawar L.

“That was wonderful session over the weekend by George . I had zero knowledge about trade and after this weekend course I can say …. yes , I know now . There is still long way to go but yes my confidence for trade is way better with lot better understanding about whole concept . Thank you George and Tundi. You guys are awesome . Should have started earlier with you guys.”

- Mitesh R.

“I really enjoyed the class, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m looking forward to learning more from both of you.”

- Victor S.

“Awesome weekend course!! I learned so many great strategies and so much about the market! Thank you!!”

- Mirella B.

“I just wanted to write this to thank you for such a wonderful course this weekend. The course gets better and better each time I take it. I truly appreciate such encouraging words from George and the amazing support and patience from Tundi. You both answer every single question with such patience and detail and that is amazing! There simply is no course out there that even compares to what you offer. I feel so much better about my trading now and much better about being successful as I  continue to move forward.”

- Raveen B.

“Thank you so much for your time, energy and the knowledge. I learned so much this weekend! I’m so lucky that I learned about your class.”

- Henry L.

“Excellent teacher and so generous with all of us. Not everyone knows how to teach. It’ quite a gift that you have. Thanks for an informative weekend.”

- Gigi V.

“I’m very inspired by your message and teachings, I intend to be a fully contributing member and I am very excited and eager to continue the learning process. Thank you for everything.”

- Rowan C.

“Learn to Trade provided me with strategy, self-confidence and discipline” *

- Peter P

“Please pass on my thanks to George as well for such a great weekend – it was exactly what I was looking for to jump start my trading business.  He has a very relaxed and easy to follow style which made the weekend very worthwhile and enjoyable.  I look forward to working with  your organization to grow and protect my investments.”

- Glenn F.

“Thank you!  It’s always a pleasure to recommend your company as a foundation to longevity in this business.  You exemplify the right way to help others, be teaching them to help themselves properly.  My best wishes always.”

- S. S.

“I have been a Learn-To-Trade member since 2002, and it is now the end of 2015. While I have significantly profited from your education, I’m writing today to express how impressed I am that your ongoing mentorship is truly for lifetime. Thank you for continuing to answer my questions and help, 13 years later.”

- Shyam S.

“attending the free workshop opened my eyes to so many possibilities, I have decided to become a lifetime member”

- Alex B

“I can’t imagine why these concepts are not used in our mutual funds, protecting my money is the most important to me”

- Kevin W

“what impressed me the most was how I could rent my stocks to others and create guaranteed cash flow on my portfolio”

- Dan T

“using options gave me the flexibility I needed to be able to control stocks at a fraction of the cost”

- Phil E

“I tried to learn to trade using free sites online, watching videos and reading articles, however I had no success. After attending the free workshop what I realised I was missing was the hand holding Learn-to-Trade offers”

- Lawrence B

“I had the fear of how complicated the stock market is, but the instructor at the free workshop explained each aspect of trading and investing in a way that even I could understand, making me very comfortable knowing that I can actually learn these concepts”

- Peter H

“I wanted to let you know that I had taken your course in the fall of 2013. I took your advice and used demo accounts for the last quarter of 2013. I switched to real money trading account in the Near Year, when I finally felt comfortable. Following the lessons taught to me by you (don’t jump on a moving train, peaks and valleys, EMA..etc), I wanted to let you know that I have been successful beyond my own expectations. Thank you very much – taking the Learn-to-Trade course was, by far, the best decision I made in my business career.”

- Steven R.

“I took your course in 2008 and loved it. Since then I have been using what I learned at Learn-to-Trade to nicely supplement my pension income. Wanting a carefree type of trading, I have for the most part just sold options and made a monthly income which is a nice addition to my pension. I know I never would have made this kind of trading income without Learn-to-Trade. Thank you!”

- Shelley P

“The past options and forex tutorials taught by George were very helpful. I find these tutorials invaluable for a busy person like myself. I was able to keep myself up to date and on track ready to continue the learning process. Thanks for all the help and keep up the great work.”

- Joseph L

“The ongoing support has been the reason for my success” *

- Patrick L

“I learned the basics I needed to trade successfully.” *

- Partick M

“I like making money. I’m very happy, so far so good.” *

- Iouri G

“I learned things it would have taken me years to figure out” *

- Akos B

“There is always someone ready to answer my questions.” *

- Robert B

“I was impressed with the course’s professionalism and enthusiasm.” *

- Uldus V

“I wish I knew about trading as a business years ago!” *

- Dean K

“Don’t hesitate jump into it right now. You will be glad you did!” *

- Susan C

“The course is amazing. Where were you 30 years ago?” *

- Harley S