George Karpouzis

Co-founder, Director of Education 

George Karpouzis is the co-founder of Learn-to-Trade and has been personally providing education and mentoring to over 3000 members since 1999. George has been trading in the stocks, options, futures and forex markets since 1986 starting part time, and with the help of advancements in trading technology full time since 1994. His background and passion for teaching brings an invaluable asset to our members. George is constantly striving to improve the program content and develop new strategic relationships for the benefit of the members. His main focus is to help members develop a trading approach that includes risk management and capital preservation.


Tundi Major

Co-founder, Chief Technical Analyst 

Tundi Major is the co-founder of Learn-to-Trade where she is responsible for overseeing the entire firm’s activity both on the member and business development side. She has been actively trading futures, forex, and options since 1999. She has a BA in Business Studies. She brings to the team an immense insight into technical analysis, her analytical skills and intuition into the development of our training material helps our members develop a trading approach with focus on risk and money management.


Jason Ayres, DMS

Chief Options Specialist 

Jason Ayres has joined the Learn-to-Trade team in 2006 from which time he has been providing education in the stock and options market. Jason is a Derivative Market Specialist by designation, CEO at R.N. Croft Financial Group and educational consultant for Learn-To-Trade. As a member of the Investment Review Committee at R.N. Croft Financial Group, Jason contributes as a market technician and derivatives strategist. He is responsible for the overall management of all strategic and operational marketing and partner/client relationship activities. Jason is also one of the lead instructors for the TMX/Montreal Exchange and educational consultant for Learn-To-Trade. In this role, he shares his experiences and insights on the practical application of options as an important tool for managing risk and generating cash flow beyond traditional means, working with retail investors and advisers/advisors from major banks, brokerages and financial service providers across Canada.


Cindy Ryland

Trading Coach 

Cindy began actively trading futures, stocks and options in 2005, joining the Learn-to-Trade team in 2011 as a trading coach. Using her insight into technical analysis, combined with her coaching and consulting skills and belief that success in trading goes far beyond just following a setup, she works with members to develop a healthy trader mindset and overcome challenges and obstacles they encounter. In 2013, she founded LTTSmart, where she works daily with traders focused on nurturing their trading mindset and creating action plans for achieving their trading goals.

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