Our lifetime membership is designed so you can progress at your own pace. We are a Canadian company and have been in business and at the same location since 1999. Most of our clients were acquired by word-of-mouth and we have approximately 3,000 members that have taken our program. Our instructors are Derivative Market Specialists and are also the educators on behalf of major North American exchanges and institutions.

Here are a few benefits of our lifetime membership:

1. Our program is offered over one weekend at Humber College and consists of 20 hours of live, in-class instruction. Also available live online.

  • You can repeat all or any part of the program as often as necessary; there is no additional cost during with the lifetime membership.
  • The program is also available online for those outside of Ontario.
  • It is held every month of the year, except for April, August and December.


  • Learning technical analysis concepts and fundamentals
  • Options strategies that produce high probability results with limited risk
  • Trade plan configuration to help you follow a methodology
  • Techniques to profit in the various asset classes, stocks, futures, forex, options

2. Monthly lifetime access to round table discussions, referred to as tutorials, to help you understand the concepts in specific asset classes.

  • Held every month live online for your convenience, in addition to being recorded for your review.


  • Two Monday evening tutorials focused on forex and futures indices trading to benefit from daily session trading
  • Two Wednesday evenings for options speculation and portfolio management
  • One Wednesday evening focused on trade ideas to help you apply the techniques effectively while you learn

3. Hands-on weeks throughout the month to actually apply the techniques you learn in the real market.

  • Attend and start with whichever trading style you wish, and progress to other styles as you see fit for your learning.
  • Each member progresses at their own pace, and as a lifetime member you don’t need to be in a hurry. Take your time and learn at your own pace.
  • All weeks are live online and recorded for your review.
  • Each week focused on a different style of trade:
    • Active session trading using eminis and forex
    • Options for speculation, portfolio management
  • Each week is approximately 15 hours of training.

The membership is lifetime; you can re-attend all or any part of our program as often as you choose. There are no monthly fees and no annual fees

4. Lifetime support

Our team is dedicated to provide you with lifetime support through our tutorials and Members Open Forum. There is additional support, ensuring all your questions are answered, over the phone, email and in our LTT Community online group

5. LTT Community

As a lifetime member of Learn-To-Trade you become part of our online community. Each day you are able to interact with instructors, coaches and each other in real time, sharing experiences, commenting on trade ideas, asking questions and receiving support in real time.

6. Earn while you learn through our referral program.