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Has the Historic Stock Market Crash of Super Bubble Begun?

Investing in the Stock Market

Whether stocks are rising or falling, most investors have learned not to “fight the trend.” It’s a maxim that has helped investors for centuries. If stocks are bullish, don’t bet on a downtrend. If stocks are bearish, don’t bet on an uptrend. Or, put another way, the “trend is your friend.” Which brings us to […]

U.S. and Canadian Stocks Rally after Tumbling on Rate and Geopolitical Concerns

Stock Market

Investors entered 2022 with great optimism, with the Nasdaq, Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and TSX all trading at, or near, record levels. By all accounts, it looked like the Santa Clause Rally would dovetail in nicely with the January Effect—a theory that stocks go up for most of the first month of a […]

Why Canadian Stocks Outperform U.S. Stocks during Inflationary Periods

Learn to Trade

Canada’s inflation rate soared to its highest level in almost 20-years in October, juiced by pandemic-related supply and demand challenges, supply chain disruptions, and higher energy costs. While inflation has resulted in the cost of virtually everything to climb, which is negatively impacting the household finances of everyday Canadians, many Canadian stocks actually outperform U.S. […]

Cannabis Stocks Turn Bullish on Leaked Draft of Republican-Led Bill to Legalization Marijuana

Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

Recreational cannabis has only been legal in Canada for three years, but the North American pot industry has already had its fair share of ups and downs, from eager investors sending pot stocks soaring in the leadup to legalization, to industry scandals, underwhelming sales, mounting debt, and strong sales during COVID-19. Things started to look […]