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Crude Oil Prices on a Tear, at Highest Level in 3 Years, Could Hit $100

Crude oil prices have been on a tear, hitting a three-year high of $74.74 per barrel on June 28. Since the start of 2021, crude oil prices have advanced approximately 50%; that’s a remarkable recovery when oil prices cratered to negative $40 per barrel in April 2020. Oil prices have experienced huge gains since the […]

Canadian Retail Sales Crater 5.7% in April, the Biggest Drop Since the Start of COVID-19

Canadian retail sales have been on a roller coaster ride over the last number of months. Most recently, in April, Canadian retail sales plunged 5.7%, the biggest drop since the start of the pandemic. The big decline follows months of ups and down in retail spending, and shows that economic recovery, which many analysts believe […]

60% Stock Market Crash Would Erase Eight Years of Gains

Stocks are trading at all-time highs, thanks in large part to the low interest rate environment, overly generous monetary stimulus, and investor euphoria about expected strong post-pandemic economic growth. But a large number of economic indicators show that stocks are seriously over-valued, and, according to some on Wall Street, stocks could crash as much as […]

Gold Hits Biggest Monthly Gain Since July, But Strong U.S. Economic Data Could Reverse That Trend

Because of COVID-19, the state of the global economy, and ongoing uncertainty about just how long the pandemic could last, gold prices experienced significant growth in 2020. From January to early July 2020, gold prices soared 37.5% and were trading at their highest levels ever. Gold rallied again this past May; while strong U.S. economic […]