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Canadian Inflation Is at the Highest Level Since 2003

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Canadian inflation continues to run at breakneck speeds; it’s highest level in 18 years. Even though economists tell us it’s only temporary, it’s taking a big chunk out of our spending and putting a dent in our standard of living. Higher inflation is also bad for stocks because it makes borrowing more expensive and reduces […]

Economic Headwinds Could Put Pressure on Stocks This Fall

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Historically, September is the worst month for stocks when the market’s top three indexes typically perform the poorest. It’s referred to as the September Effect. Aside from seasonal behavior, there’s really no rhyme or reason for the poor performance. But this fall, stocks could struggle even more as a series of economic headwinds could put […]

Canadian Economy Surprises to the Downside as Q2 GDP Shrinks 0.3%

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Sometimes analysts and economists can really miss the market. The Canadian economy surprised to the downside in the second quarter with gross domestic product (GDP) falling 0.3%. On an annualized basis, GDP Bay Street analysts were predicting the Canadian economy would rise 2.5% while the Bank of Canada projected a second quarter GDP gain of […]

TSX to Extend Record-Setting Rally into 2022?

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The TSX, Canada’s main stock exchange, has been on an incredible run since the broader markets bottomed in March 2020 from the COVID-19-fuelled crash. Since then, the TSX has advanced an eye-watering 85% and is trading in record territory. While some analysts believe the wobbly bull market is poised for a correction, the majority of […]

China Tech Sell-Off Worsens as Beijing’s Regulatory Actions Throttle Investors

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Private enterprise Chinese for-profit-education stocks and technology stocks are experiencing an unprecedented sell-off amid growing concerns of Beijing’s crackdown over tightening regulations. Spooked investors and hedge funds have been selling off their holdings, which have seen many companies lose billions of dollars in market value virtually over night. Why Are Chinese Tech Stocks Crashing? For […]

Weak U.S. Jobless Claims Show Delta Variant Undermining Economic Growth

Stocks in Correction Territory

The major indices, the TSX, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 are trading near record levels, and while investors remain bullish, they shouldn’t get complacent. As we have seen recently, it doesn’t take much to spook the stock market, nor does it take much for investor sentiment to shift. And there are more than enough economic indicators […]

Crude Oil Prices on a Tear, at Highest Level in 3 Years, Could Hit $100

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Crude oil prices have been on a tear, hitting a three-year high of $74.74 per barrel on June 28. Since the start of 2021, crude oil prices have advanced approximately 50%; that’s a remarkable recovery when oil prices cratered to negative $40 per barrel in April 2020. Oil prices have experienced huge gains since the […]