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Biggest Catalysts for a Bursting Stock Market Bubble Are Rising Inflation and Interest Rates

According to every major indicator, the stock market is seriously overvalued. And the stock market bubble is getting bigger. Unfortunately, it never ends well. Over the last 120 years, we’ve never seen a stock market bubble deflate slowly or get resolved because the stock market has moved sideways. Stock market bubbles pop. What makes a […]

Is It “Highly Probable” That the S&P 500 Will Tumble at Least 30%?

Stock market valuations have been a big concern to investors. And for good reason. Well regarded stock market valuation indicators like the total market capitalization-to-GDP (also known as the Warren Buffett indicator), the Case Shiller P/E, and price-to-sales ratios are all at historically astronomical heights. This has led a number of analysts to predict the […]

Is It a Bad Sign That Company Insiders Are Dumping Their Stocks at Record Levels?

Company insiders on Wall Street are selling their stocks. While it’s certainly not uncommon for executives to sell their stocks, the timing should make retail investors sit up and take notice. With the major indices at record levels, the S&P 500 already up more than 11% in 2021, and valuations in nose-bleed territory, it makes […]

Are Stocks in the Late Stage of a Bull Market or an Early Recovery?

The major stock indices have experienced huge gains since the COVID-19-fueled sell-off sent stocks crashing in February and March 2020. With coronavirus vaccines rolling out and encouraging economic data rolling in, many see the recent stock market gains as signs of a new bull market. But what if the stock market recovery is simply a […]

Canadian Pot Stocks Struggle while U.S. Cannabis Stocks March Higher

Pot stocks have been in the spotlight recently as investors become increasingly optimistic that cannabis will become legal on the federal level in the U.S. In fact, the broader marijuana industry has been trending higher over the last 12 months, with the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (OTCBB:HMLSF) up 110% year-over-year. Over the same period, […]

Cracks in Canadian Economy Could Undermine Post-Pandemic Growth

The Federal government has reassured Canadians that the economy will come roaring back once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Despite this optimism, a number of worrying cracks are appearing in the Canadian economy that could undermine that growth. How Is the Canadian Economy Doing? In January 2021, the Canadian economy grew 0.7%; a big jump from […]