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This may be a little counter intuitive, but I promise you, if you can wrap your head around it and really leverage it, you will be a more profitable trader. Why Is Trading Less Better? Trading more does not equal more money! It’s true. Society has conditioned us that to get more we need to do more. Work harder. Work longer. But trading doesn’t work that way. Trying to trade more or to catch every move actually makes you less effective as a trader and can make it even harder to achieve your goals. To be successful as a trader, focus on executing the high probability setups. Follow a routine every day that ensures you have a plan and know where to look for those setups, then apply the discipline to wait for them to show up. And when they do, trade them. Over the last week or so we have spent a lot of time waiting for setups. The move last week that saw the S&P drop almost 200 points has suggested a shift may be occurring. And as the shift is developing we are patiently waiting for it to start to show setups. We know they will come, and we want to be ready to take advantage of good trades, instead of stuck in bad ones that we jumped into impulsively. We teach our members that being patient and waiting for the setups that meet their criteria gives them the best odds of success, and help them navigate their way through the shifts like we are seeing right now.