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Welcome back! Our Chief Options Specialist, Jason Ayres, reflects on the September market. Watch the video below for his September 2019 Market Review.

Not much has changed in September compared to August.

  • The U.S. and China introduced new tariffs and once again the U.S. Treasury market flashed warning signs.
  • Very little damage occurred to the U.S. and Canadian stock markets, despite the bearish signs. Sell off was limited and the markets remain range-bound.
  • Part of the support for the stock market comes from the expectation that the federal reserve will intervene.
  • Once again, in September, we were left with a yield curve that is still inverted, no resolution to the trade war, and Central Banks taking a “wait and see” approach.
  • Also, economic indicators on average are OK and so is the stock market, while corporate bonds aren’t showing increased risk either.