Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. (www.Learn-To-Trade.com), Toronto’s leading provider of professional stock market trading courses designed to create successful traders on the financial market, is warning investors against complacency as stock markets hit fresh highs. The broader North American stock markets have been on a tear since the markets bottomed in early 2009. The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is up 103% over the last five years; more recently, it advanced eight percent in 2013 and is up roughly 11% year-to-date. South of the border, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is up 160% since bottoming in 2009; it gained 20% in 2013 and, so far, five percent in 2014. Two of the most popular indices in the U.S. have also reported robust gains since the markets bottomed in March 2009: the S&P 500 is up 200% over the last five years, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average has advanced 166%. Both indices recently also hit new all-time highs. The trading experts at Learn-To-Trade.com warn investors not to get too complacent about the strong gains. It’s been more than 700 trading days since the Dow Jones closed 10% below its previous high, the fourth longest run without a correction since 1929. “Investors have been the biggest winners since the stock markets bottomed in 2009 and have enjoyed five years of solid gains. In addition, the stock market correction many have been calling for has failed to materialize,” says George Karpouzis, co-founder and director of education at Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. “However, that doesn’t mean the markets won’t experience some sort of correction. The fact of the matter is that the market will correct and rebound.” Karpouzis explains that the longer the stock markets go without a correction, the more difficult it will be for investors to be prepared for the inevitable. Since 1950, the S&P 500 has experienced a pullback of 10% to 15% on average a quarter of all years. For starters, he notes, there are things investors can do to protect their capital. It’s important to revisit a portfolio at least once a year: investors can take profits, rebalance their investments, or protect their cash. “At the same time, there are a large number of strategies investors can use to help them profit whether the markets are going up or down. Investors can also learn to profit by playing the volatility of foreign currencies,” Karpouzis concludes. “Taking a professional stock market trading course like the one provided by Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. can give investors the knowledge to succeed, using proven technical analysis techniques that can be applied to any financial market.” Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. is the leading provider of stock market training courses in the Greater Toronto Area. Led by licensed industry professionals, Learn-To-Trade.com Inc.’s extensive stock market trading courses provide its members with all the tools necessary to trade financial products in today’s complex and fast-paced markets. Stock trading training courses with Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. teach investors both basic and advanced stock market investing principles, including how to read and understand stock prices and quotes, fundamental and technical analysis, and various trading strategies. Stock trading training at Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. also provides extensive training and knowledge in stock option trading, stock index trading, futures trading, futures option trading, forex trading, risk management, and capital preservation. Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. members utilize real-time, simulated trading platforms to paper trade until they gain the confidence to make independent market decisions and produce consistently profitable results. As the leading and oldest financial educator in Canada, Learn-To-Trade.com Inc.’s instructors are also educators for the Toronto Montreal Exchange, as well as the TMX, through which it offers educational sessions to the major banks across Canada. To learn more about Learn-To-Trade.com Inc., visit the company’s web site at www.Learn-To-Trade.com. Contact Learn-To-Trade.com Inc., by phone at 416-510-5560 or e-mail Learn-To-Trade.com at info@Learn-To-Trade.com.