Learn-To-Trade.com Inc., Toronto’s leading provider of professional stock market trading courses designed to create successful traders on the financial market, is pleased to announce the dates and venue information for its upcoming complimentary two-hour trading workshop. George Karpouzis, Co-founder and Director of Education at Learn-To-Trade, Inc. explains that when it comes to personal finances, it’s imperative that people take control of their own investing decisions. When it comes to building a diversified retirement portfolio, nothing is as lucrative as the stock market. In fact, more wealth has been created through the stock market than any other business. The stock trading professionals at Learn-To-Trade.com believe it’s important for Canadians to have a comprehensive understanding of the stock market and broader trading strategies. Learn-to-Trade.com provides its Members with the knowledge, tools, and support required to create a disciplinary approach when trading or investing in the financial markets. Through its proven approach, Learn-To-Trade.com Members gain the confidence to make their own independent investment decisions. Learn-To-Trade.com is pleased to announce it will be leading two free two-hour trading workshops in September. The first session takes place on Tuesday, September 16 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Learn to Trade.com Inc. corporate head office, conveniently located at 885 Don Mills Road, Suite 123 in Toronto. The second two-hour free trading workshop takes place on Thursday, September 18 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Humber College North Campus at the corner of Finch Avenue West and Highway 27. “Those who attend the complimentary two-hour Learn-To-Trade.com workshop will learn safe and simple strategies that can help them create consistently profitable results while maintaining 100% control of their capital,” Karpouzis adds. “Attendees will learn how to insure their stock positions against losses, how to rent stocks to others to create monthly cash flow, and how to speculate on stocks using options. They will also learn simple techniques designed to help them earn additional income trading the financial markets.” “Those attending either of the free two-hour trading workshops will also hear about the benefits of the Learn-To-Trade.com Lifetime Membership,” Karpouzis concludes. “Those interested in attending Learn-To-Trade’s free two-hour trading workshop can register online at www.Learn-To-Trade.com, e-mail us at info@learn-to-trade.com, call us at 416-510-5560, or visit our offices at 885 Don Mills Road, Suite 123, Toronto.” Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. is the leading provider of stock market training courses in the Greater Toronto Area. Led by licensed, industry professionals, its extensive courses provide its Members with the necessary tools to trade financial products in today’s complex and fast-paced markets. Stock trading training courses with Learn-To-Trade.com, Inc. teach investors both basic and advanced stock market investing principles, including: how to read and understand stock prices and quotes, fundamental analysis and technical analysis, and various trading strategies. Through its Lifetime Membership, Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. also provides extensive training and knowledge in stock option trading, stock index trading, futures trading, futures option trading, FOREX trading, risk management, and capital preservation. Members utilize real-time, simulated trading platforms to paper trade until they gain the confidence to make independent market decisions and produce consistently profitable results. As the leading and oldest financial educator in Canada, Learn-To-Trade.com Inc.’s instructors are also educators for the Toronto Montreal Exchange, through which its instructors host educational sessions for the major banks across Canada. To learn more about Learn-To-Trade.com Inc., visit the web site at www.Learn-To-Trade.com. Contact the company by phone at 416-510-5560 or by e-mail at info@learn-to-trade.com.