Lifetime Membership Becoming a successful stock market trader doesn’t just happen. It’s a lifelong pursuit of understanding how to value securities, read the markets, learn about different investing techniques, and embrace risk management strategies. Because everyone learns at a different pace, offers the industry’s only Lifetime Membership; where you can come back and take the stock market trading course whenever you like, as many times as you like.

Becoming a Successful Investor 

The prospect of becoming a successful trader and making money in your spare time at home is a very alluring prospect for many people. When compared to the banks, which offer virtually zero interest on saving, the stock market is the most exciting and popular way to generate a significant return on your wealth. Unfortunately, most would-be investors see the stock market as something they can easily learn about by reading a book, turning to the Internet, or learning on-the-go. But that isn’t the case. Being a successful investor requires patience, discipline, a great deal of research, a strong background in how the markets work, a comprehensive understanding of how the global economy affects stocks, and when to apply different investing strategies. It might sound like it’s easier to read a book or online blog, but without the proper guidance, your hard-earned savings could disappear in a single trade. That’s because most self-taught investors do not understand how to properly value an equity; whether it’s a stock, bond, or exchange traded fund (ETF). They also lack a complete understanding of risk management. 

A Lifetime Membership for a Lifetime of Investing

To become a successful investor, you need to continually educate yourself and keep up with current market trends. And the best way to do that is to learn the ins-and-outs directly from successful traders. If you’re thinking of taking a stock market trading course, make sure it’s taught by professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the stock market and investing strategies, not someone who made a few good trades and wants to bestow their new-found wisdom on you. For example, instructors are professional traders who have been called upon by industry experts at the Toronto Montreal Exchange and through the TMX. They also provide education for major banks and brokerages across Canada. An excellent stock market trading course will not just show you how to make money trading stocks in a bull market. Experienced traders will teach you about proven investing strategies that can help you profit no matter what direction the stock market is going or where the economy is heading. That includes: stock market, stock trading, stock option trading, stock index trading, futures trading, futures option trading, risk management, capital preservation, and forex trading. As one of the oldest independent Canadian educators in the financial market, the professional instructors at provide hands-on, in-depth training, knowledge, tools, support, and confidence to make your own independent investment decisions. 

The Learn-to-Trade Lifetime Membership Includes: 

  • Lifetime education and mentorship through our tutorials
  • Lifetime traders open forum opportunities (earn while you learn)
  • Traders helping traders succeed
  • Instructors for the Toronto Montreal Exchange (TMX)
  • Learning technical analysis to help you trade stocks, futures, forex, and options
  • All necessary software
  • Three-day course held at Humber College 10 times per year.
We encourage our members to repeat the course as often as they need., Toronto’s Stock Index Trading Experts

At we understand that no two investors are alike. Everyone has a unique understanding of the stock market and different levels of experience. People also learn at different speeds. That’s why we have created the industry’s only Lifetime Membership, where our Members can re-attend any part of our program as often as they like. In a supportive environment, Members learn different trading strategies, watch instructors trade live, and interact with other traders and staff. The leading provider of stock market training courses in Canada, is led by licensed industry professionals who provide the knowledge you need to create an informed, disciplined approach to the financial markets. For more information on, our stock market trading course and our Lifetime Membership, visit the company’s web site at You can also contact us by phone at 416-510-5560 or by e-mail at