Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. (www.Learn-To-Trade.com), Toronto’s leading provider of professional stock market trading courses designed to create successful traders in the financial markets, is weighing in on two recent studies showing women are becoming more confident and taking the lead in decisions related to personal finance and stock market investing. According to a recent report, roughly 60% of Canadians believe that men are more involved in the decision process when it comes to stock market investing than women. At the same time, Canadian women have a longer life expectancy (83 years of age) than men (79 years). At some point in their life, most women will be entirely responsible for making all the financial decisions. (Source: BMO Financial Group press release, “BMO InvestorLine Study Reveals Men Are More Confident Investors than Women,” September 16, 2014; https://newsroom.bmo.com/press-releases/bmo-investorline-study-reveals-men-are-more-confid-tsx-bmo-201409160968093001.) “Today, women control roughly one-third of all North American wealth. And that number is growing eight percent annually,” says George Karpouzis, Co-founder and Director of Education at Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. “Specifically in Canada, more than 75% of women in couple families say they are either solely responsible for managing household income and investment decisions or they share these responsibilities with their partner.” (Source: Williams, C., “Economic Well-being,” December 16, 2010; https://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/89-503-x/2010001/article/11388-eng.htm.) Karpouzis explains that there is a marked difference in confidence levels and investing styles between women and men. The study found that 68% of women are confident about their ability to make wise investing decisions, compared to 83% of men. When asked why women might lack confidence when investing, half (48%) of respondents said women are intimidated by stock market investing. Despite the discrepancy, women are more likely to seek out stock market education and guidance before committing to an investment decision. In general, female investors tend to be more conservative and more focused when it comes to investing and planning for the future. “Women are taking a bigger role in managing their own finances and decisions about investing in the stock market. While the investing confidence level between women and men is still large, the gap is shrinking,” Karpouzis adds. “Plus, it’s important to remember that there is a big difference between being risk-averse and risk-aware.” “Learn-To-Trade.com believes it’s important for both women and men to have a comprehensive understanding of the stock market and broader trading strategies. Taking stock trading courses from Learn-To-Trade.com provides investors with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to make successful, independent investment decisions,” Karpouzis concludes. Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. is the leading provider of stock market training courses in the Greater Toronto Area. Led by licensed, industry professionals, its extensive courses provide its Members with the necessary tools to trade financial products in today’s complex and fast-paced markets. Stock trading training courses with Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. teach investors both basic and advanced stock market investing principles, including how to read and understand stock prices and quotes, fundamental analysis and technical analysis, and various trading strategies. Through its Lifetime Membership, Learn-To-Trade.com Inc. also provides extensive training and knowledge in stock option trading, stock index trading, futures trading, futures option trading, FOREX trading, risk management, and capital preservation. Members utilize real-time, simulated trading platforms to paper trade until they gain the confidence to make independent market decisions and produce consistently profitable results. As the leading and oldest financial educator in Canada, Learn-To-Trade.com Inc.’s instructors are also educators for the Toronto Montreal Exchange, through which its instructors host educational sessions for the major banks across Canada. To learn more about Learn-To-Trade.com Inc., visit the web site at www.Learn-To-Trade.com. Contact the company by phone at 416-510-5560 or by e-mail at info@learn-to-trade.com.