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Federal Reserve to Increase U.S. Interest Rates Gradually

After almost 10 years of artificially low interest rates, the Federal Reserve raised its key lending rate back in December amidst signs of a strengthening U.S. economy. That action was a little premature. Since then the stock market has plummeted and rallied and it remains volatile. And a raft of weak economic indicators suggests the […]

Oil Prices Routed, Canadian Crude Already at $10.00 per Barrel

The Canadian and U.S. stock markets are off to terrible starts, continuing the negative sentiment from 2015. In North America, oil prices are plummeting and hitting the Canadian economy hard. In fact, worsening oil prices are hitting beyond the oil patch, dragging the sentiment of investors, consumers, and businesses. There is a way for investors […]

Top Tips for Reducing Stock Market Risk

The stock market is the best avenue for building wealth, especially over the last seven years with bond rates, GICs, and savings accounts providing investors with little or no fixed income. But there is always a trade-off; with higher returns comes higher risk. However there are many steps you can take to reduce stock market risk. Volatility Risk […]

Why The Canadian Dollar is Falling Against the Greenback

The once high-flying Canadian dollar has been trading lower against the U.S. dollar since the beginning of 2013. But the disparity has increased in light of falling crude prices, a weakening Canadian economy, and a strengthening U.S. economy. Canadian Dollar Falling Fast Against the U.S. Dollar During the depths of the Great Recession, the U.S. […]